080308_Peru 3_34898.jpg

Flying up to Cuzco from Lima earlier this year, over hundreds of miles of the harshest, most folded and crenulated terrain imaginable. It bears recalling that the Inca’s used to manage a relay run between the Sacred Valley (near Cuzco) down to the coast in two days! 

I took this photo from the plane window, so we were probably 20,000 feet above the ground. This is exactly as I remembered it looking – but it took a lot of work to get the picture to resemble my memory of the scene. In fact, the original RAW image is completely faded out, really crummy.

So which is it? Is the “remembered” view in any way accurate? Look at it again - does it look artificial? How about the detail? It looks to me a little more like some computer composite from space. Except it’s not – all that detail is right there in the RAW file, waiting to be invoked, interpreted, brought to life.

The point is – and I’ve alluded to this previously, and will probably harp on it until the end of time – the possibilities are endless. The tools are fantastic. The onus is on the photographer to parse the possibilities and make wise decisions.

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