Kashmir, 1986

What are these nice chaps waiting for? Why – they’re waiting for me to do my next blog entry. After all, it’s been more than a week, hasn’t it. Let’s see – what’s happened in the past week...hmmm? I had a cold and spent the whole of Saturday sitting swaddled on the couch with a nice fire and the dogs incredibly picturesquely  crashed right next to it after how many bloody years of trying to get them to do just that. Okay, so it was 60 degrees outside and I didn’t really NEED a fire, but anything for the right effect, don’t you think?

What else? Oh – I almost forgot. We got a new President. I capitalized it inadvertantly, but maybe because that’s how I feel about this one. President Obama! God, I LOVE the sound of that. I know, I know – as an echt blogger I’m supposed to have been sitting around palely on election night ready to blast the world with my photographs and teary ruminations, in the moment. Well I didn’t, so now I’ve had more time and I’m supposed to be able to talk about it with some distance and hindsight and feel a little self-conscious about having missed the opportunity etcetera. But I don’t!

What I’m doing here is defying the nagged down feeling that I usually get when I start something enthusiastically and then don’t get around to following through over time. “Yes”, I’m sure they said, “he has a blog now, isn’t that nice. We’ll see how long it lasts.” 

Hello! I’m still here!