A new chapter

My wrecked and ravaged vegetable garden, March 2018

My wrecked and ravaged vegetable garden, March 2018

Here it is. The relaunch of my website, after languishing in the wilderness for aeons. Whee! It's interesting to see how one's carefully nurtured garden starts to get a bit weedy, then the planting boxes begin to disintegrate...too many seeds from other species...the fence falls down. Why, it's exactly like a REAL garden! I should know—that's the state of my vegetable garden right now. 

But this isn't about dwelling in the past, but rather setting the stage for the Next Phase, whatever that might be. The big idea is this: after 40+ years as a deliberately and determinedly amateur photographer (in the truest sense of the word, namely motivated by amor), I want to take myself, and present my work, more seriously. This doesn't mean that I'm abandoning my lucrative career in the rapidly tarnishing world of digital design, but rather that I want to make a bigger effort at sharing and showing and even perhaps exhibiting my photographs

The process of getting this together has been interesting, and I want to talk about it a bit. It started about a year ago, when I decided to "do a book" of my photographs. I quickly decided to go with my black and white work, because that's where my photographic heart lies. My photography heroes are people like Josef Koudelka, Sebastian Salgado and Masahisa Fukase (whose "Solitude of Ravens" is probably my single favorite photo book)—and all, of course, working in black and white.



The first thing I did was to print out hundreds of candidate photographs—over 400—and lay them all out on the floor of my studio. It looked pretty cool, and the process of doing this, taking them from digital to printed out, physical form, was the right thing to do. Because suddenly all these images had a presence, an actual existence. Atoms! I could arrange them and group them and notice patterns and resonances that I hadn't considered and...

...get totally paralyzed by all the choices! So I went through a NEW process of printing them bigger, and hanging them up so I could be physically surrounded by them.


Then I made a Blurb book, and immediately cut it up. The working title was "Other Plans", as in "life is what happens when you're busy making other plans". Thank you John Lennon. 

And so on. Suffice it to say that the deeper I got into this project, the less interested I was in actually finishing it! Not because it bored me, but because it enthralled me. It was engrossing and absorbing and I began to learn something about myself as a photographer. Many things, actually, but one really important one: I really love my photographs! Am I not supposed to say that? I look at many of them and I'm happy and proud! And I strangely don't really care what others think—I mean of COURSE I care, but ultimately if I'm the only person who likes them, I will STILL like them, and very much!

I could go on and on (I'm already way past the TLDR point), so will end by talking a bit about this site. The agonies associated with figuring out a structure, galleries, cantos, folios, categories...oy! Endless sleepless nights! I've opted for the relative cop out of a single main gallery, "100 Photographs". I've sequenced it in a way that suggests a rhythm, but frankly I'm more interested in presenting something that allows you, the viewer, to make your own sense of the work.

Over time I'll add more galleries, and also, of course, there's this blog, and I'll be linking directly to some galleries from here. Also, as a bloviator of some renown, I won't stick exclusively to photography...

But hey, enough of my yakking. Go take a look...