A strange morning...

I headed out for the woods yesterday morning, much as a usually do these days. The previous night's forecast blizzard had fizzled, so there were only about 4 inches of new snow on the ground, covering about 8 that were already down. It was about as exquisite a morning as I can remember, pristine. Like walking on fine spun dry sugar. And with the bittersweet knowledge that this is almost definitely the last snow of the season—at one point I found myself standing on a favorite hillside saying "Thank you Winter!" out loud!

And then this happened:


These lovable goofballs came to rescue me! Having just returned from my walk in the woods,  I proceeded to drop something on the floor, and when leaning down to pick it up, whammo! My back went out (again). Intense, exquisite pain and spasms! Duston was out teaching, so I called my neighbor Richard TenDyke (bottom middle), who trotted over and found my meds in the house (yes, I have meds just in case). But I couldn't stand up, couldn't really move. So we called the EMT, and they came over...in two ambulances, one police car and a fire truck. I was holding out for a helicopter, but they wouldn't oblige. In any event, they had to rig up quite a contraption to get me down the outside stairs, and off the ER did they trundle me. I'm back home now, in the lazyboy, drugged to the gills. Sigh. But these guys were all absolutely great, professional and pleasant.

I hope to never see them again!

Oh, and yes, I shot a video of the entire ordeal (which isn't particularly good. I could have done a better job with the lighting...)