About 100 Photographs


This is a very personal portfolio of works that articulate my feelings of appreciation and reverence for our magnificent world...tempered by a deep undercurrent of disquiet and dislocation at the increasing loss of balance and perspective that's become a dominant element in the current zeitgeist.   I’ve tried hard to allow the selection of the works—which span forty years—be an emotional, as opposed to “rational", exercise. Specifically because I am usually a very “rational” person.

I approached the curation of this portfolio more as I imagine a composer considers her music—what are the cadences, crescendos, diminuendos? I listened to specific music a lot when I was doing this, notably Heitor Villa-Lobos' Preludes and Etudes, a body of work that I've loved ever since my tropical childhood in South Africa. While I didn't exactly use his music as an armature, it certainly informed and (I hope) infuses the sensibility of the collection.


A new chapter

A new chapter

Here it is. The relaunch of my website, after languishing in the wilderness for aeons. Whee! It's interesting to see how one's carefully nurtured garden starts to get a bit weedy, then the planting boxes begin to disintegrate...too many seeds from other species...the fence falls down. Why, it's exactly like a REAL garden! I should know—that's the state of my vegetable garden right now...

But this isn't about dwelling in the past, but rather setting the stage for the Next Phase, whatever that might be.

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